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Why is a Smooth Onboarding Process Important? Here are 5 Reasons…

This topic has been coming up a lot recently especially with the current market. If you’re reading this article, you are most likely aware that there is no shortage of job openings throughout the country… and given that, there is also a good chance that the candidate(s) you are interviewing right now are likely in process with multiple organizations for a similar role. What makes your company different?

Below are 5 reasons why it’s so important to have a smooth onboarding process so you don’t lose out on those desired employees (and – spoiler alert! - you’re not creating a work environment that’s lacking engagement, retention, and productivity).

1) Understand company philosophy, mission, and values

Making sure your new employees understand the company culture is crucial to allow them to adapt to being a part of the organization. When new additions to your teams understand…

· what the company does,

· how they plan to succeed in that vision,

· and how the company plans to fulfill and achieve its purpose,

… this allows the individual to align and contribute to the overall purpose and success of the organization.

2) Allow the employees to understand their role and how to succeed

Setting upfront expectations will allow the new hire to understand what is required of them in their new role. This begins with giving in-depth insight of what a successful employee does in their position, how they can begin to achieve certain goals that have been set by hiring managers and how they will move forward in becoming a consistent and reliable team member. This is going to require some mentoring from seasoned employees, consistent daily or weekly check-ins and constant goal setting so that the employee can be held accountable and on track going forward. This can significantly limit the time it takes for an employee to become proficient and improve productivity.

3) Make new hires feel welcomed into the company and valued

Coming into a new organization can be difficult and challenging. Making them feel welcome within the first few days can make a huge impact on their performance and drive that will help them succeed within the company. It will make your employees more inclined to build relationships with cross functional teams, share opinions and provide new perspectives. This is also a driving force in showing new hires that you care about them and their overall success within the company.

4) Promotes employee engagement

Now more than ever, people have job opportunities at their fingertips. A smooth onboarding process sets the tone for the experiences they will encounter within the company. In return this makes them more inclined to be a part of the overall goals/vision for the organization and successes that come along with it. Engaged employees who have been set up for success from the moment they sign an offer letter is an employee that wants to continue working and producing for your company.

5) Employee retention is so important!!

By making them feel welcome from the beginning will make them more excited to begin working for your organization. This starts by getting them through the offer process in a timely manner. Obviously, it will take some time for an employee to ramp up and settle into a new role. But a smooth transition will give them time to celebrate their new opportunity, meet new teammates while build meaningful relationships and learning the ins and outs of their specific position and duties. Employee retention is so important, it can also be expensive for you when you’re consistently looking to backfill positions due to employees leaving that are ill prepared and unhappy.



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