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You don't have the time to sift through a large pool of 'almost right' candidates. When you need resources, you need the right IT talent, right now. Check out our information technology staffing, search, and recruiting capabilities below!

Our IT staffing firm has successfully placed thousands of IT professionals in long-lasting full-time and contract positions across the Mid-Atlantic region. The IT recruiters at our working agency take the time to know your company on technical, soft skills, and cultural levels. As a result, our staffing firm is able to limit submittals to a few precisely-matched IT candidates for each opening, saving you significant time and effort during the selection process. Our IT employment staffing agents and information technology recruiters also assist with onboarding needs and stay in touch long-term – partnering with you on any IT-related search and recruiting projects that come up in the future. 

Our IT Staffing, Search, and Recruiting Capabilities

  • Contingent Search
    With our Contingent Search option, we will work with you preferably on an exclusive basis (however, your company may have another search firm involved or internal resources assisting). A Contingent Search is generally more effective for filling manager-level and mid-level positions in your organization. Benefits The Denzel Group experience Position and candidate specification Specified search time Qualified candidates with submittal details Deferred payment based on successful search Specified priority level
  • Staff Augmentation and Contract to Hire
    With our Staff Augmentation and Contract to Hire option, we help companies when they want to augment their current employee base with contractors and consultants. Because the IT industry changes at a fast pace, many companies are moving to a "contract-to-hire" or "try-before-you-buy" mentality. Our Staff Augmentation and Contract to Hire option allows clients to test a candidate over a specified period while leveraging our knowledge of the local candidate pool with talented IT professionals to augment your own staff of employees. Benefits Reduced costs Quick turn-around Industry expertise Unlimited resources and reach 100% guarantee
  • Retained Search
    With our Retained Search option, we will work exclusively with your company. We create a "project team" made up of internal researches and a lead recruiter. Our plan includes meeting with you to determine the specific details of each job search including your corporate profile and the technical skills, soft skills, and personality of your ideal candidate. As all of our searches are confidential in nature; a Retained Search is generally for CXO, Vice President, and Director level positions as well as hard-to-find niche positions. With a Retained Search option, the fee is broken up into three equal payments. Benefits 100% 90-day search guarantee Candidate Exclusivity Installment payment option Direct Sourcing (Headhunting)
  • Engaged Exclusive Search
    With our Engaged Exclusive Search option, you will have a hybrid of the Retained and Contingent Search - giving your the best of both worlds! You will work with us on an exclusive basis and for a relatively small up-front fee (that can be refundable!) We offer you all of the recruiting services you would expect in a Retained Search without a third of the fee required to begin the search. Benefits 100% 90-day search guarantee Candidate Exclusivity Installment payment option Direct Sourcing (Headhunting) Complete confidentiality
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