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Discover the Top Skills IT Employers Are Looking For

In the IT industry, there are various skills that employers look out for. These skills are often technical, such as proficiency in coding and developing algorithms. Other requirements are more specific, and may involve soft skills paired with technical skills.

Unlike what you may think, coding, algorithms and other technical skills aren’t the only requirement. In fact, most of these skills often apply to a few niches and do not apply to every job in the industry. This article will list the universal, all-purpose skills that IT employers look out for, regardless of the job you’re applying to.


Working in the IT industry isn’t an isolated activity. You’ll be required to collaborate with software developers, cloud architects, systems engineers, network administrators, and other specialists. As such, you must be able to demonstrate effective collaboration skills.

What effective collaboration skills prove to employers

Effective collaboration skills show that:

  • You’re a good listener

  • You’re an effective communicator

  • You can work effectively in a team

Time management

Time management skill is essential for every industry. Being able to meet deadlines and staying efficient is an essential skill one should possess to stay competitive in the IT industry.

What excellent time management skills prove to employers

Successfully managing your time will show employers you are:

  • Reliable

  • You can get the job done efficiently

  • Trustworthy

Critical thinking and problem-solving

Critical thinking helps you evaluate a situation and look for the best way to go about it moving forward, and is essential in problem-solving. Employers rely on employees who can critically analyze a problem and devise creative solutions.

What critical thinking and problem-solving skills prove to employers

Being able to think critically and solve problems mean that:

  • Employers can trust you to proffer effective solutions.

  • You can thoroughly analyze data and information

Desire to learn

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a company where you do not have the skill set they are looking for. However, showing your employers that you are willing to learn on the job is important. Hence, you must be open to learning new things and adding to your knowledge.

What an ability to learn prove to employers

Being open to learning tells employers that:

  • You are reliable and can be an asset to the company in the long run.

  • You are adaptable and versatile.


Efficient decision-making employees are in hot demand in the industry. Your ability to demonstrate to a potential employer that you are good at decision making can give you the edge, particularly in senior or leadership roles.

What decision-making skills prove to employers

This shows potential employers that:

  • You have a strong personality

  • You are suited to positions of leadership and responsibility

Have the right skills? It’s time to match you with the right employer

Possessing a combination of most or all of these soft skills is enough to land you a job in any niche in the IT industry. Looking to begin or enhance your tech career? That’s where we come in.

We have an extensive network of IT employers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast Regions, and Florida, and can match you with one that aligns with your interests, strengths, and goals. Get your dream job today.



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