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  • IT Searches– we also cater to unique situations such as high priority, niche or confidential searches.

  • Complete Understanding of your needs – we like to create relationships and true partnerships with our clients.

  • Your Reputation in Market – The Denzel Group will work as an advocate for your company ensuring the message you want is communicated effectively to the candidate market.

  • Market Exploration – when working under exclusive conditions we dig deeper and further to locate the right professional for your openings. This gives us the ability to locate passive candidates more readily including calling into your competition.

  • Higher Priority – when engaged exclusively we are able to dedicate more time. It is more beneficial to have one company focusing 100% of its time, rather than multiple firms focusing 15 – 20%.

  • Shared Risk – we are accountable to you when we are engaged exclusively. If we don’t produce we refund the initial search “engagement” fee.

  • Candidate Exclusivity – we will give you the ‘right of first refusal’ on candidates presented

  • Advocate of your Company – Your message is properly communicated both positively and accurately to potential candidates.

  • Candidates – in general candidates are more inclined to work with a firm that has exclusive rights to a search.

  • Confidentiality – we can ensure that the upmost discretion will be provided during the candidate search.

With our Engaged Exclusive Search option, you will have a hybrid of the Retained and Contingent Search – giving your the best of
both worlds!

You will work with us on an exclusive basis and for a relatively small up-front fee (that can be refundable!) We offer you all of the recruiting services you would expect in a Retained Search without a third of the fee required to begin the search.

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Experience how we connect the very best IT Professionals to great opportunities