Connecting IT professionals with the businesses who need them most.

Commitment to You

A 17 step process that organizes and streamlines search and recruiting efforts, creating a seamless method for identifying top talent for the IT industry.

At the Denzel group, our primary goal is to simplify and personalize the complicated search and recruiting process of finding critically talented IT professionals for both the job seeker and the employer. To do this, we believe it takes a personalized, consultative approach to match the right candidate with the right company. Whether you require one IT consultant or a team of highly qualified IT professionals, we leverage our proprietary 17 Step Search Process to assess your talent requirements and deliver the right expertise when, where and how you need it.

  • Step 1Initial Phone Briefing
    To determine if we can successfully assist you with your IT search and recruiting efforts.
  • Step 2Client Meeting
    To learn more about your organization and share our proven IT search and recruiting process.
  • Step 3Position and Candidate Specification
    To discuss your ideal IT candidate, learning about his or her key attributes required for successful placement.
  • Step 4Provide an agreed upon search timeline
    To set expectations and discuss a realistic time frame for the IT search and recruiting process.
  • Step 5Strategic Research
    To understand the market based on your specifications of a top performing employee.
  • Step 6Developing Recruiting Strategy; Prospect/Candidate List and Career Profile
    To determine how and where we will search for your qualified IT candidates and to assemble your dedicated search team.
  • Step 7Proactive Recruitment
    To contact the most applicable candidates based on your needs by using our market knowledge, database, and network.
  • Step 8Weekly Reporting
    To keep you up to date on our search and recruiting progress, complete with a breakdown of candidates contacted and prospective candidate submittals.
  • Step 9Identify and Contact all Potential Candidates
    To keep the search and recruiting efforts flowing and to ensure our candidates know we are interested in them.
  • Step 10Assessing Candidates
    To ensure we present you with the best candidate match based on your needs, your corporate profile, each candidate's technical abilities, and leadership qualities if required.
  • Step 11Conduct Rigorous Interviews
    To ensure each candidate we present meets our strict requirements and has the approval of our entire search team.
  • Step 12Present the most Highly Qualified Candidates
    To make the search and recruiting process as easy and pain free as possible.
  • Step 13Client Interviews
    To give you an opportunity to meet the candidates we have selected specifically for your IT needs - arranged and scheduled for you, by us.
  • Step 14Reference Checks
    To identify any potential red flags prior to hire by contacting multiple references including previous reporting managers and providing a written summary of conversations.
  • Step 15Final Feedback
    To confirm that the candidates we have selected are an exact match for your IT needs.
  • Step 16Offer & Acceptance
    To capture the best candidate on the market and seal the deal - a critical part of our process with an extremely high success rate.
  • Step 17Client/Candidate Follow-up
    To check in with you on candidate fit and performance.