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Top Tips for Your Next IT Interview

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In recent years, especially since COVID, IT recruiting has doubled in demand, with the industry experiencing steady growth due to improved, groundbreaking technical innovation. According to PR Newswire, the Global IT Services Market size is expected to reach $1123.57 billion by 2026.

As a result, there's heavy pressure on IT companies to provide high quality service at all times. To maintain these standards, the companies are on the lookout for employees with dedication to quality service provision.

So, if you're applying to an IT job, here are some key tips for you:

Have soft skills

It's okay to have all the computer programming and networking skills in the world. If you're a computer guru who speaks the language of machines fluently, it's a great addition.

However, an often underplayed attribute is soft skills. Effective communication, in particular, is highly valued in the field. Especially with the recent increase in remote work, communicating to your team and clients is more important than ever.

As long as you communicate effectively and can learn, you're more likely to get the job than someone who has all the required IT skills but is a poor communicator.

Also, during the interview, try to stay calm, and instead allow your natural communication skills speak for you. Don't bore your interviewer. Excite them!

Don't lie about your proficiency

While undergoing your technical IT interview, you're bound to be asked some difficult questions. In order not to prepare yourself, you should study ahead and gain knowledge about the potential company you are interviewing with.

However, while the interview is ongoing, you should resist the temptation to embellish your experiences and skills.

If you're asked a question that gets you stumped, don't be shy to say you don't know. It's better than giving a wrong answer and saying it with false confidence.

Sometimes, you may also have to argue a point from two perspectives. Not everything is black and white. And, while interviewers are looking for skilled proficiency, they're also interested in your critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Show enthusiasm

There's no need, or benefit to being dour and bland during interviews. You have to show the interviewers that you're duly interested in the job, and the industry.

So, try to show as much enthusiasm as you can muster without being over excited.

Talk the Talk

If asked about certain technological technicalities, don't be shy to take it a step or two further by linking it with other experiences or related knowledge you've acquired.

Remember, you're trying to impress your interviewers, not bore or dissuade them

Now that you know what it takes, contact the Denzel Group to help you land your dream IT job!.



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