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Contract to Hire: Have You Considered It?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

In our current environment- as we experience the repercussions and uncertainty of COVID-19- we have found that many hiring managers are needing to adapt their usual ‘process’ in order to get what they need accomplished. For some, this means that Contract to Hire is a great option. There are benefits for both the client and the candidate in a Contract to Hire approach.

For the Client –

It may be easier to get the position approved and open to hire. The hiring manager remains in control of the candidate flow, and is able to bring the person on board to the company without the extra items to complete for a Full-time, permanent team member. Good candidates in the market get snatched immediately by competition, so the quicker the onboarding process, the better chances the company has at getting a qualified candidate locked in. This approach also allows the team to start tackling goals sooner with a quicker hire process, as well as not having a complete commitment to the candidate should it not be a match.

For the Candidate –

There are not as many open positions in general currently as many companies are putting positions on hold until further notice. However, those that are hiring are doing so with real focus on getting the position filled in a timely manner. Getting the opportunity to join an organization as a Contract to Hire team member gives the candidate the opportunity to confirm this is, in-fact, for them long-term. This also allows for no gaps on their resume.

A few other benefits of contract to hire for consideration:

  • Get an idea of whether or not the employer is a good fit

  • Usually receive a higher wage during the contract period, in lieu of benefits

  • Potential to be converted to Full-time, permanent (after “testing it out”, if you will)

  • Could provide a good opportunity to be introduced to a new skillset

As the year progresses, it will be more telling whether FT/perm, contract to hire, or contracting work will be on trend. But for now, contract to hire could be a great alternative for consideration, whether you are the hiring client or the candidate seeking work. As we adapt to change, it is most important to keep your options open and think of what benefits the company and seeking candidates the most during this time.



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