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What to Say in An Interview to Seal the Deal

What to Say in An Interview to Seal the Deal

November 21, 2017
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As your interview is coming to a close and the conversation is winding down, there are a few crucial steps you can take to secure a spot in the next round of the interview process. While your performance throughout the interview is certainly important, how you close the interview can set you apart from other candidates. To seal the deal in your next interview, try out these three closing practices.

  • Express interest
    • If you’re interested in the position, show it! Articulating your enthusiasm and passion lets the interviewer know that this is a role that you’re excited about and a company that you’re eager to be a part of.
    • Show that you’re in it for the long haul. Communicate to the interviewer that you see this opportunity as a long-term role through which you’re looking to learn and grow. Every employee is an investment for a company, so hiring managers want to know that you envision a future with their organization and will add value.
    • Inquire about next steps. While it’s essential to clearly voice your interest, don’t stop there – reiterate your feelings about the position by asking about the hiring process. By doing so, you’re communicating that you see yourself in this role and that you want to move on in the process.
  • Ask for feedback
    • When given the opportunity to ask questions, ask for feedback. “Is there any reason why I wouldn’t be moving on in the interview process?” “Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?” “Do you have any hesitations about hiring me?” These may seem like a bold question, but by asking the interviewer about their concerns, you can address them. Seize the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions and bring up information that you may have forgotten to mention.


  • Sell yourself
    • Showcase your value. Use the last section of the interview to reiterate your experience, qualifications, and knowledge to advocate for yourself as a candidate. This is the time to present your strengths and communicate your value to the interviewer.
    • Illustrate your fit. Your fit within the position, team, and company is imperative, so let the interviewer know why you believe you’re a fit. Utilize the information you’ve learned through the interview process and through your personal research to bolster your case.


Overall, what you say at the end of your interview can have a significant impact on how you’re viewed as candidate. Seal the deal in your next interview by expressing interest, asking for feedback, and confidently selling yourself.


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